Creative Giving Challenge: Travel Toothbrush Roll

 Have you ever opened Pinterest, blinked, then realized thirty minutes had passed? Woosh! That was your life going by while you were browsing. I have challenged myself to use the ideas I save on my boards. In the Creative Giving Challenge, you can join me. On the 25th, I’ll post my completed project with the DIY details and invite you to link up. What will we create this month?

It is once again the end of the month and not the 25th but, better late than never. This month I made a Travel Toothbrush Roll.

I used a fun wash cloth, some black ribbon, and my sewing machine to make this. All the tutorials I found included directions for a wash cloth but they seemed to make a bag big enough for the toothbrush. Mine wouldn’t fit so I just put the toothbrush in facing the bottom. It also means the bag will be small enough to fit in my Travel Roll Up pocket.

I simply folded over the washcloth, folded a section of ribbon, and stitched the outer edges. Since you are forming pockets, it is okay if the fabric doesn’t lay flat on the interior. Next I stitched along the outside of the green stripes in the middle. You could measure this and be precise if you like, but I figured the pattern gave me built in lines to follow.

You just roll this up and tie the ribbon to use. Pretty simple. I think this will be another good gift idea for Christmas, however I will be searching out larger wash cloths. Another option would be to use a hand towel and cut it in half to create two rolls.

I picture these being useful to deployed troops, military families on the move, and hospital patients just as much as someone on a trip.

Now it’s your turn! Have you created something this year that would make a great gift? Grab the Creative Giving Challenge Button from the sidebar and linkup. Let’s inspire each other this year.

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