3 in 30 Week 23 Update

What is the first thing that happens when you really put your mind to a goal?


Enough already! I think I finally learned the biggest lesson in goal setting:

Always have several ways to reach your goals, Plan A rarely happens.

Run/Walk 30 Miles

I have one mile done. I did three days of weight training at the gym with cardio though, just need to add more days to my workout schedule.

Write 30 Notes of Encouragement

I am on track for this goal and sent several emails as well.

Read for 30 Minutes Per Day

This goal received the most focus this week. I finished two books this week that I began several weeks ago: Captivating and Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl. That felt amazing! They were both great reads as well, and hope to share reviews with you this month.

What are you focused on this week?