Monday Motivation {Weekly Planning}

For years I have used paper planners and a little bit of time each week to help our family reach our goals. It also helps me stay sane. This has been particularly important the last couple of years through homeschooling, finishing my degree, moving across the country, and having two teenagers.

I love being busy because I believe I am living my life to the fullest, but that is only true if I am busy with the best things.

It is very easy for our hours, days, and weeks to be consumed with busyness: the kind of activities that aren’t bringing us any closer to our goals. These might be good things, but are they the best things?

Whatever planner you use the most is the best kind of planner for you.

I have found that every time I try to move to an electronic form, it doesn’t work. If I cannot see everything in front of me, I lose perspective on my committments, and – most of all – I can’t draw a line through the tasks as they are completed.

I seem to need that little hoorah that comes from drawing a line through completed tasks!

Once you have the planner you prefer, you must start writing everything in it. This is my life’s inbox. If it doesn’t get written down in the planner, it might was well not exist.

I am anxiously awaiting the newest version of my current favorite planner.

I find it helps to set aside time at the beginning of each week to make sure your planner and the activities of each family member have all been coordinated. This is essential to making other organizing tools working for your family:

Sunday evening is the best time for our family to plan for the week.

What works best for you?