Getting a Great Deal

We are in the middle of shopping for new tires for my van.

I can hardly contain my excitement.

If there is one thing I have learned in the last year, it is how to shop for a good deal. I’ve gotten great tips from Andrea at Simple Organized Living on buying and selling via Craigslist. I check Money Saving Mom’s blog for ideas on cooking from scratch, and cooking for the freezer. I have a subscription deal for a local newspaper to get three copies each Sunday. Those coupons allow me to stock up when combining them with sales, especially for household items and staples.

It can be harder to find deals when circumstances dictate a major, unexpected expense.

We have found ourselves in a new place, even if we ‘have’ the money, we don’t want to spend it. We certainly don’t want to spend any more than necessary. It has reminded me of the key things we must remember when we find ourselves considering a major purchase.

  • Make sure to compare the total costs (accessories, service, installation)
  • See if you can find it used (Craigslist, asking friends, swap meets, renting)
  • Use the internet to compare prices and features
  • Check with smaller, local businesses (many will compete with price, especially when you add in the value of the level of service you can receive compared to a big-box store)
  • Search online and in local mailers for coupons
  • Haggle (we’ve gotten our best tire quote so far from a major chain store, once we went in person)
  • Get quotes and compare before deciding
  • Be patient – pray about it, sleep on it, go back with a final decision

What suggestions do you have for getting a great deal on a major purchase?