3 in 30 Week 24 Update

This was a busy week for my business. I worked hard wrapping up a big goal and loved having my customers rally in support. The work I’ve done over the last few years continues to bear fruit. Sometimes achieving balance in life is about recognizing the need to focus for a short time on one area, knowing you have time for other goals at a later date. Here is my weekly update towards my Finish Year and 3 in 30 goals.

Run/Walk 30 Miles

I completed four more miles towards this goal at the beginning of the week and pulled something in my ankle. I took off a day to rest it then…it was Sunday. This goal is probably going to be adjusted at least to include my walking and elliptical time.

Write 30 Notes of Encouragement

The latter part of the week found me working very intently on my business, so the cards didn’t get mailed either. However, I’ve been jotting down names as they come to mind and plan to write a few more this afternoon. By Sunday night I will be on track again.

Read for 30 Minutes Per Day

SkipperClanJr will be a high school graduate by this time next year, so my reading this week consisted mostly of a book recommended to me about paying for school without loans. Probably not something I’ll be reviewing here on the blog any time soon, but I am happy with my progress towards the goal.

This week is finally the end of the kids’ school year too so we’ll be plotting for summer. Any fun ideas to share?