3 in 30 Week 29 Update

First and foremost, I have to thank my Twitter and Facebook friends for praying for me and the ladies of our PWOC regional training event when I sent out my request Friday! Many of us were facing crazy obstacles to get here safely and healthy for training…all before we’d even started our sessions. Your prayers were so appreciated. I was so grateful all day Saturday to feel much healthier and focused. Now, on to the weekly update on my 3 in 30 monthly goals.

Create a Digital Scrapbook of 2011

I researched a few options for creating our scrapbook this week. Since Shutterfly was offering a free book for just the cost of shipping, I decided I will use them for this scrapbook. Now I can start uploading the photos I want to use to their site.

Workout 3 Times Weekly with No Weight Gain

I am very proud of myself, despite a hectic week, flying, and apparently getting food poisoning during my travel, IĀ still worked out three times this week! Saturday’s workout was just a 30 minute treadmill walk but after being very ill, I thought that was impressive. I don’t have a scale where I’m traveling right now, but I was down a little bit before traveling so I believe I am on track.

Plan Meals and Home Maintenance for the Month

Last week I created the following checklist to prepare my family for my travel:

  • Create a meal plan for two weeks
  • Make several bulk meals for the freezer: waffles, enchiladas, etc.
  • Print a chore schedule for the teens
  • Coordinate calendars with my husband for our work, travel, and kids’ activities
  • Coordinate rides, etc for kids during my travel time
I got a lot accomplished and even had time to visit with a friend, meet a few people to show them a car we are selling, and have a last minute date night with my husband. Of all the things not to finish, I failed to create a list of the meals that my family can prepare with what is on hand at the house. SkipperClan is a much better cook than me, but it would still be helpful for him to know what he has to work with before digging through the deep freeze. I plan to email them a list during my downtime Sunday afternoon.

How do you stay healthy when traveling?