3 in 30 Week 31 Update

Last week I drove from Texas to Washington with my Dad. It’s kind of a long, crazy story but ten years after driving from Oklahoma to Florida together, we finished our cross country journey. We stopped along the way to see friends and had an amazing trip. I think you’ll understand why there was no 3 in 30 update last week.

So now let’s do a little update, shall we? Here’s how my July goals wrapped up.

Create a Digital Scrapbook of 2011

I did not make any more progress on this goal in the last 10 days of the month. I will continue working on this goal in August and I am truly happy to have even gotten started on this book.

Workout 3 Times Weekly with No Weight Gain

Between my crazy travel schedule and not feeling well, I did not workout three times per week towards the end of July. I am happy to report that I did lose a couple pounds though!

Plan Meals and Home Maintenance for the Month

I tackled this goal mid month before my travel.

I will update with my August goals (and progress towards them) next weekend. What are you enjoying about summer?