3 in 30 Week 33 Update

This week was a full week of activities and general catching up from all our summer visitors and travel. Sunday night was our finale for the Balcony Girls group I led through our church and I am so blessed with the results! I hope to share with you this week how that group came to be and what worked best for us. I am also beginning to wonder if I have completely missed my chance to do some canning this year. Thoughts?

Maximize our Travel and Family Time

Despite all the fun we’d already had in August, we were able to sneak in a daytrip to the ocean last week. Apparently we weren’t ready to give up on summer quite yet. {Note, we did not go horseback riding on the beach, but got to see this group as they headed down the coastline}

Adjust Back to Our Normal Schedules

KitKat had a sleepover Friday and SkipperClanJr is camping this week so I haven’t begun enforcing bedtime yet. However, my cleaning routine was tackled as planned this week! {yay!} Unfortunately it just made me more aware of some of the deep cleaning that has been neglected. {boo!} I think that will have to wait for a September goal so I can give it focused effort after school starts. The alternative is to budget in September to hire a professional. I know which option I prefer.

Meet With 50 Customers

This goal is for the company’s 50th anniversary and I’m happy to say I had more progress this week. I am definitely behind the curve for the month but have another fairly full schedule this week too. The great thing about this goal is that it’s fun!

What are you finishing before summer says good-bye?