3 in 30 Week 35 Update

We are ending the month of August as we usually do: celebrating SkipperClanJr’s birthday.

As for my August 3 in 30 Goals? Two out of three ain’t bad…

Maximize our Travel and Family Time

Adjust Back to Our Normal Schedules

Meet With 50 Customers

I did not meet with 50 customers, yet, but I have until the middle of September for that goal. {If you live locally and would like to help, let me know!} Everything else went great this month. While KitKat and I are not quite ready to get up everyday at 530, I think we are close enough to make the final adjustment next week when school starts.

Now, what about those September Goals?

Fill the Freezer

I would like to get our freezer stocked again with meals and ingredients that make it easier at dinnertime during the school year. Seasoned taco meat, cooked & shredded chicken, enchiladas, lasagna, waffles and so much more. I might even try to get some tomatoes from the local farm stand this first week and get a little bit of canning done.

Purge and Organize the Staircase Closet

We have tons of closet space in this house, something I love. The closet under our stairs seems to have turned into a pit of despair over the summer, however, and I’d like to fix that.

“Fall” Cleaning

I know most people do a round of deep cleaning each spring, but something about getting ready to hunker down for the Fall makes me want to have a clean slate. I focused more on organizing in the spring and now that we’ve had our fun in the mountains and at the shore, I’m ready for the cleanup.

As always, we have all our normal activities going on in September, including the beginning of school and my local PWOC Bible Study group.

Are you challenging yourself in any new areas for Fall?