Creative Giving Challenge: Summer Break

One of the goals I set this year was to make most of our Christmas gifts throughout the year. If you were here in the Spring, you saw my monthly updates on the 25th {ish} of each month. Until summertime. My Creative Giving Challenge went on summer break with the kids.

I had grand intentions in June to update the challenge, but the end of the school year and arrival of summer visitors derailed those plans. Then I traveled or had visitors in our home until mid August! By July I had determined I was simply not going to have time through the summer to focus on this challenge. Now that school is back in session and fall is at the doorstep, I really feel the creative bug biting. Pinterest seems to be overflowing with ideas lately and I’m feeling re-inspired. Several of the gifts I have already completed could be made for others as well.

One of my goals this month is to do some freezer cooking. Researching recipes has inspired me to consider what food gifts I can make this year. Those will almost certainly be my November focus. This month I’d like to finalize the list of who is getting which items and complete at least one project to share here. These are a few of the ideas I’m considering.

  • homemade vanilla
  • apple butter
  • framed art of maps where we’ve traveled
  • fort kits


Have you made any gifts for Christmas presents this year?