3 in 30 Week 37 Update

This was our first full week of school, kickoff for my local Protestant Women of the Chapel group on base, and the last week of the quarter for my business. I’m a little tired. It’s that good kind of tired though, the “all that hard work paid off” kind of tired. Been there? Here’s what I started with this week when attacking my 3 in 30 goals…

Fill the Freezer I did not as far as I had hoped with the recipes on Pinterest or with my freezer cooking. I did make a big batch of these Banana Chocolate Chip muffins for a party last night and put a dozen in the freezer. I also managed to get some pancakes into the freezer for quick breakfasts using the homemade baking mix I mentioned last week and put a batch of the dry ingredients in the pantry. I plan to approach this differently in the coming week and work on making double batches instead of trying to set aside time just to make meals.

Purge and Organize the Staircase Closet I want to shout done! but I don’t quite feel like that is true. I have a few more bags and drawers of business supplies to purge and sort through. Other than those supplies, I finished going through the closet this week. In fact, at least half of what was put back in the closet is actually some temporary storage for a friend who’ll be traveling for a few months. Only about 10% of what we owned went back in the closet. I love being able to open the door and see everything that is inside. One of the side effects of this declutter project was that I am highly motivated to scrapbook again. I went though boxes of memorabilia and actually feel like I have it down to a manageable level. I hope to share a some after photos with you this week of the closet and share a little of the process I use decluttering.

“Fall” Cleaning The office layout is working great. We upgraded to a wireless printer when our print server died this week. That meant I was able to take out one of the tables I had in last week’s diagram. My plan is to finish purging the remaining business supplies from the stair closet in the coming week, then share my office before and after photos soon. Purging my closet was pretty much the extent of the deep cleaning. Some items found more appropriate homes, some went to Goodwill, and a few made it back in the closet. I was more consistent with my weekly cleaning schedule than I have been in months so I’m happy to have kept up with that at least.

This goal is my top priority for the coming week. Do you have a closet or counter that seems to be the place where stuff accumulates?