Allume: Choosing to Belong

Two years ago, I received the email that changed blogging for me forever.

Notification that my time on the wait list was over
and there was a ticket to the Relevant Conference
waiting for me if I claimed it within 24 hours.

After a brief moment of panic {who will I stay with, what should I wear, I. don’t. know. anyone}, I clicked through the ordering process and happily tweeted: I’m going!

The Relevant Conference is now called Allume Social, but the thoughts of those attending the first time are echoing throughout Twitter and Facebook.

  • Who can I room with at Allume?
  • What should I wear? Is there a dress code?
  • Where should my husband go during the conference time since he’s coming?
  • Who will I talk to since I don’t know the other bloggers like some attendees do?
  • Will I really fit in since I have a small blog/don’t blog yet/haven’t published an ebook?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on these topics.

First, I recommend you subscribe to the Allume Blog and read through the Personal Sponsorship Guidelines. Second, know that you are not alone!

(Note: take your photos as early into the weekend as possible, by Sunday you are t.i.r.e.d.)

Getting Roommates

Above you will see me with my amazing friend Stephanie, blogger at Bowmania. Stephanie and I did not know each other until the day we arrived for the conference. I put the word out on Twitter that I was attending and needed roommates. Both Stephanie and Dawn replied to me almost immediately that they thought they had room, but would have to check with their roommates to confirm. Turned out, they WERE each other’s roommates so it was obviously meant to be!

Becoming Friends

We actually did not have a lot of time together at the conference despite being roommates. Stephanie and I were able to bond quickly after leaving the conference, however. We had chatted online several times in the months following the conference, but in early 2011, Stephanie’s home was gutted by fire. I prayed for her, I sent things in the mail to encourage her, and we started sharing prayer requests. Oh the power of prayer. I am happy to share their home is rebuilt and they have even added another son to their family. I have been honored to share in her life and have her share in mine, all because of that “little blogging conference.”

Choose to Belong

 So, you may be thinking, “That’s great, you’ve already gotten over your butterflies and made friends.” You might think that because of this I don’t have the same feelings you do or can’t relate to someone attending the first time. However, it is the same choice for every single woman attending: we must choose to seek relationship or choose to be alone. Choose to say hello, this is my first blog conference, is it yours? Choose to say, I feel overwhelmed. Choose to say, my name is _____, what’s yours? Choose to say, is there anything I can pray for you today?

I promise there is someone at Allume God has planned to bless you with if you are willing to step out in anticipation of the blessing.

Allume Community

Is there a question you have about attending Allume? {there are no stupid questions, really!}