3 in 30 Week 39 Update {October Goals}

I cannot believe September will end in a few hours. It has been an eventful week for our family and a busy week in my business. Here’s what I set out to finish in September.

Fill the Freezer I am happy with the progress I made this month. I didn’t make as many complete meals as I intended when I set the goal, but I did more freezer cooking this month than I’d completed since March. I also discovered I had a lot of options with what we already had in the freezer and was able to minimize shopping trips this month.

Purge and Organize the Staircase Closet Check!

“Fall” Cleaning I completed about half of this list of 23 specific seasonal cleaning tasks this week. Given the unexpected changes to our schedule, I am happy with the progress I made.

That just leaves me considering my goals for October.

Write Weekly About Allume

I shared last week some of my thoughts on attending Allume {formerly Relevant} the first time two years ago. I am blessed to be attending courtesy of a scholarship from the fabulous ladies at Write It, Girl this year. It is my intention to help women, especially those attending the first time, feel prepared and encouraged before they depart for the conference this year.

Purge 15 Minutes Per Day

I have set a goal several times this year to do major cleaning, utilize my family binder and cleaning schedule, etc. I have become more consistent with my regular routine and gotten a few organizing projects done with these goals, but I am truly looking to make decluttering a habit again. This will likely include my own clothes and craft supplies.

Start Each Day with Quiet Time

While I participate in a Bible study, attend a church regularly, and depend on my faith daily; it does not negate my need to make my faith a priority each and every day. For me, placing this practice first is not about earning a position with God, but reminding me where to draw my strength from each day.


What are you focusing on in October?