Wide {Farewell}

Today as the clock starts it’s five minute countdown, I open Lisa Jo’s page to see her prompt for me. Welcome. But just underneath she talks about last week’s prompt, wide.

And all I can think of is music. It echos inside of memories of our church singing…

How deep {oh, how deep},
How wide {oh, how wide},
How great….is His love for me.

And I know, that today, the man who married my mom when I was in elementary school, the man who loved me as much as any father could, the man who chose to serve His Lord and Savior; is celebrating that love in a way I cannot yet fathom.

Yes, the tears flow today. Because we will miss him, because I know my mother’s heart will ache for many days to come.

But not because of where he is now.

For that reason, I start collecting One Thousand Gifts. Thank you Papa, for giving me a reason to focus on joy for the next year. Thank you, for pointing everyone to Jesus. Welcome home.

1. A second father, home with His Savior.
2. Quiet, last moments together.
3. Friends, who rally around me in prayer.