3 in 30 Week 41 Update

Proverbs 16:9
In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.

Last week when I shared my update, I was missing connections as my flights carried me across the continent from my family home, to the home of my family. See, as a military spouse, we say “home” when we are talking about our current living location with husband and children…but we also say “home” when we are talking about going back to where our parents live. So, last weekend I left home in order to come home. To say goodbye, to be with my mama, and to begin navigating this new normal she is facing after losing her husband of twenty-eight years. {She wore that little green sweater Monday night, he loved her in green.}

Write Weekly About Allume

Friday night, God made it clear that I must step back from attending Allume this year. I delayed the decision as long as possible; but I simply need to be home right now. Sometimes a good thing, is not a now thing. God already knew all these circumstances. God already knows who will go with my ticket. It is still so hard to know I am missing this annual conference…the knowledge, the opportunities, but mostly? The women.

Purge 15 Minutes Per Day

I did this the first couple of days, but now that I’m helping my mom after the funeral, I’m crossing this off the list for October.

Start Each Day with Quiet Time

It is nearly impossible not to be immersed in the Word when you are surrounded by people talking about my stepdad. For that, I am so grateful. Not only did he love his Savior, but everyone around him knew it. This week was filled with baby-steps: the services, the emotions, and the paperwork that had to be started…and a few naps. I’ve read scripture on my phone, from my current study, and as verses were shared from others. I have found that this week, my quiet time is when I pause to hear God. I needed it to be the little pockets throughout the day instead of one time in the morning.

What “good” thing have you struggled to let go of because you wanted it so badly?