3 in 30 Week 43 Update

November’s 3 in 30 Goals are brought to you by the number 35 and the letter P. The number 35 is for the days left before we expect to start driving across the entire country, for yet another military move. The letter P is for the prioritizing I will have to do in order to prepare for said move.


First, a summary on the goals I almost completely abandoned in October.

Write Weekly About Allume

It was so hard to miss this annual conference, but losing a parent and finding out we were moving across the country meant I simply was unable to attend.

Purge 15 Minutes Per Day

I crossed this off the list for October.

Start Each Day with Quiet Time

This seemed to fall down the priority list the further the month went along. This morning I attended church with my mother in law and the pastor’s wife asked us during the children’s time, “Why do we put God aside during the times we need Him most?” Yes, God, you have my attention. I’ll be continuing this goal for November.

November 3 in 30 Goals:

Start Each Day With Quiet Time

Same motivation, same desire to prioritize my relationship with my Savior.

Hold An Open House

My clients deserve the same opportunity they have each fall to shop and save with me. I have invitations to send, phone calls to make, and gift sets to wrap in order to hold this mid November.

Prepare For Our Move

I wish doing this would be as simple as those four little words, but we’ve been through this rodeo before. I have been able to do a lot of the scouting at our new location that often occurs after we have arrived, which is a huge benefit. However, there are still specific tasks before the movers come and pack our belongings I plan to complete. Purging, transferring responsibilities of key positions, and enjoying our local friends among the most important.

Are you getting ready for the holidays?