3 in 30 Week 44 Update

Only 19 months ago, our kitchen in Pennsylvania looked like this…

moving boxes at SkipperClan


Soon our kitchen here in Washington will look very similar and we have a mile-long task list. Those tasks definitely held most of my attention this week.

Start Each Day With Quiet Time

I studied about half of the days this week, but it should have been every day. It is actually a simple goal. The only thing keeping me from achieving it is my own discipline.

Hold An Open House

I have the date and time picked out for this, and will begin sending invites tomorrow. This will be much smaller than I have held in previous years since we haven’t lived here for long.

Prepare For Our Move

Several of our accomplishments include:

  • Putting a deposit down on our new home in Georgia
  • Completing a minor tune-up on our new-to-us washer/dryer
  • Purging a large garbage bag of clothes from our master closet
  • Arranging for a donation to a local MOPS group of some of my craft supplies
  • Recycling about 50 pounds of magazines, papers, etc.
  • Planning meals around the food in our freezer and pantry
  • Getting some needed maintenance done on our vehicles
  • Cleaning all the blinds and windows in the house
  • Taking down and cleaning curtains and cloth shower curtains (the house has blinds)
  • Requesting dates for the movers
  • Starting school paperwork
  • Stopping by about half a dozen offices necessary for out-processing
  • Listing several items on Craigslist (free and for sale)

Have you ever moved during the holiday season?