3 in 30 Week 45 Update

Do you have specific goals for the month of November? I’m connecting with other bloggers at Aurie’s  3 in 30 linkup so we can help keep each other accountable.

Items for Sale Craigslist

Start Each Day With Quiet Time

I only missed a couple of days this week. I believe the biggest help was deciding that my initial quiet time each morning can be simple. I’m currently using a reading plan on my phone’s You Version app. Other times throughout the day and week I spend focused study time on the topic of prayer, something I’m doing with other ladies in Bible study each Thursday.

Hold An Open House

This small gathering is planned for next Saturday so I have a lot to accomplish this week. Phone call reminders/invites, gift displays, and simple treats won’t take a lot of prep time, but need to be done throughout the week for this to be successful.

Prepare For Our Move

If I had to choose one word to describe this week it would be purge. This week we sold or gave away a several hundred pounds of household items.

It has been so helpful  to know what our next home looks like.

We have always chosen a home after we moved with previous assignments – so we took things that ended up not working in the new home. As much as I loved them, we knew the barstools I recovered wouldn’t work in the home in Georgia and we wouldn’t need our portable fireplace heater. {I use the tips Andrea shares about selling on Craigslist} There were also some things that went on Craigslist for free: outdoor Christmas lights that didn’t work consistently last year, a random folding chair from the garage, and an old computer tower. I donated dvd’s to the library and some formal gowns to a great local non-profit called Cinderella’s Closet. This week will involve a little more of the paperwork side of things: utility companies, hotel reservations, and transitioning out of our roles here in Washington.

If you found out tomorrow you were moving across the country, what would you donate?