3 in 30 Week 46 Update

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Sharpie Sentiments on Platter Gift


Start Each Day With Quiet Time

I confess this did not go as well this week as it did the week before, but God continues to bless the time I am spending in His Word. It was also the last week I will be able to meet with the ladies of my local PWOC group. They were so sweet to give me a great send off, including the platter above signed by the board members I have worked with the last six months.

I did a lot of searching online and the best instructions I could find for curing it at home was to bake it for an hour at 350*. I also read this means it is not safe for serving food like this, so I plan to use it in my office for display.

Hold An Open House

I had a very simple Holiday Coffee gathering yesterday and it turned out great! I had to extend my original two hour event to three just to talk with each woman and close orders. In addition, I got to meet one of my newest customers face-to-face and say good-bye to others who are truly friends. I’m thrilled with the results both in sales and turnout, so I’m glad I made time to do this in the middle of the move chaos.

Prepare For Our Move

Speaking of the chaos of moving.

We found out 2 days ago that the moving company insists they must start packing our household items the day after Thanksgiving instead of the following Monday. I don’t know if people who haven’t hired professional movers can understand the problem with this, but it basically means two things. One, that I’ll be trying to keep them from packing things we will need to use the last few days like the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms…see a problem? Second, that we’ll spend the entire last weekend climbing over boxes they’ve packed. Because of an adventure we already had booked for Thanksgiving, this also means I went from having 9 days left before the movers arrived, to only having 4. These types of bumps in the road are part of why I try not to actually schedule anything the days the movers are here or the last two days before we actually leave town.

I confess that I have begun having short moments of freaking out about this move, but I know that the next two weeks will be the hardest. We are definitely looking forward to being closer to our family when it’s all done.