Thank You

I throw out the expression of gratitude as commonly as I say love. I say it to the waitress placing a diet Pepsi on the table just as I say it to the family keeping our dogs. How do I give degrees of meaning to these two simple words?

Turkey on the fourth Thursday. How did I get to a place where the gratitude flows on a holiday instead of every day? Where do you start with thank you when it’s owed to so many? At the beginning I suppose, today, as we take another step on this journey.

So, thank you, to the friends who gave our children a warm home with time to play guitar today when the movers arrived. Thank you to the neighbor who warmed Thanksgiving leftovers Thursday evening when we arrived home. Thank you to those who sent encouraging cards wishing us well on our move and after the loss of my stepdad. Thank you to the military wives who have gone before me to show me how to exemplify grace in the emotional ups and downs of this lifestyle.

Thank you for being there for me, for us, I love you for it.

Who do you want to say thank you to today?