3 in 30 Week 48 Update

Did you reach the goals you set for November? Would you like to keep focused on your goals during the busy Christmas season? I’m connecting with other bloggers at Aurie’s 3 in 30 linkup so we can help keep each other accountable.

November Goals:

Start Each Day With Quiet Time

While I feel I failed to reach this goal, I know I started many days off with the right focus because of setting this goal in the first place.

Hold An Open House

I held this in mid-November with great success.

Prepare For Our Move

I feel like we barely squeaked this one out in November. Not only did the landlord insist on having me go back over every. single. baseboard. for the move out inspection (among other things); the mechanics did not finish the repairs to our Jeep until 430pm on Friday. We even had our very last Craigslist item picked up the day we turned the house back over.

It was a long and stressful week capped off with a repair bill a full 30% more than the estimate. I have to say, it was still better than having those repairs needed in the middle of this journey. The packing and loading, final inspection, and last day of work/school all happened this last week. Goal complete.

Kansas Skyline

December Goals:

Enjoy A Memorable Christmas Season

The catalyst for our move was the loss of my stepdad and the opportunity to move closer to my mom. I love decorating for, and celebrating, Christmas. I am looking forward to spending time with my mom of course, but really our entire extended family. This is also our son’s last Christmas before graduating high school (yikes!) so I want to get settled quickly and keep our traditions going.

Settle Into Our New Home

One of the good things about moving right before Christmas is having a deadline for unpacking. I would truly love to have everything unpacked and arranged by the end of the month but I also want to complete my goal of enjoying Christmas. Settling into our new home means that everyone gets acclimated to their new city, school, and work. Hopefully we will be able to have our furniture and belongings delivered right after we get the keys to our new home so I can begin unpacking quickly.

Write 90 Minutes Per Week

I have been reminded so many times over the last few weeks how much I enjoy writing. Sometimes that is blogging, other times it’s journaling. It might be a card to a friend or a poem after my quiet time. I believe this practice will help keep me grounded.

How do you make Christmas time positive and memorable?