3 in 30 Week 49 Update

Would you like to stay focused on your goals during the busy Christmas season? Connect with other bloggers at Aurie’s 3 in 30 linkup for accountability.

This week I thought it might help if I followed the format some of my fellow 3 in 30 bloggers use by including my original goal {in red} followed by that week’s results.

Christmas Tree

December Goals:

Enjoy A Memorable Christmas Season

The catalyst for our move was the loss of my stepdad and the opportunity to move closer to my mom. I love decorating for, and celebrating, Christmas. I am looking forward to spending time with my mom of course, but really our entire extended family. This is also our son’s last Christmas before graduating high school (yikes!) so I want to get settled quickly and keep our traditions going.

  • Listened to Christmas music nearly all day on our first day of driving for the move
  • {Briefly} enjoyed a huge Christmas light display across from our hotel in Utah
  • Mailed our Christmas cards (ordered and address labels printed in November)
  • Went to a mall for a little shopping with the kids and my mother-in-law {torture because of the mall, not because of my mother-in-law, I love her}
  • Enjoyed cookies and baked good from a friend {thanks Amy & K}

Settle Into Our New Home

One of the good things about moving right before Christmas is having a deadline for unpacking. I would truly love to have everything unpacked and arranged by the end of the month but I also want to complete my goal of enjoying Christmas. Settling into our new home means that everyone gets acclimated to their new city, school, and work. Hopefully we will be able to have our furniture and belongings delivered right after we get the keys to our new home so I can begin unpacking quickly.

  • Signed the final paperwork and picked up keys to our new {rental} home
  • Waited 3.5 hours for a cable company tech who never showed
  • Scheduled ’emergency’ carpet cleaning through the landlord for the weekend because they were not cleaned before our move in
  • Met the squirrels and raccoon that apparently enjoy our property
  • Started a shopping list for the house
  • Scheduled appointments for the movers to arrive with our belongings and rescheduled cable/internet installation

Write 90 Minutes Per Week

I have been reminded so many times over the last few weeks how much I enjoy writing. Sometimes that is blogging, other times it’s journaling. It might be a card to a friend or a poem after my quiet time. I believe this practice will help keep me grounded.

  • Finalized two blog posts
  • Wrote thank-you cards

I am looking forward to journaling more this week.

What Christmas activities or traditions have you already participated in this year?