Achieving Consistency through Planning

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Blog Planner

This week I shared my 20 goals for 2013 and MyOneWord365: believe. At first glance, the list doesn’t seem that overwhelming to me, but 20 items in 12 months means adding almost two changes to my life per month. If it takes 21 times to build a new habit…well, let’s just say that I could crash and burn real quick if I don’t break those goals down into babysteps and make a plan.

That is where the 3 in 30 Challenge comes into play! “Each month (approximately each 30 days) the 3in30 Challenge starts fresh. Choose up to 3 goals you’d like to work on. Then, throughout the month there will be weekly link-ups and opportunities for daily encouragement and accountability.”

January Goals:

Complete 26 Days of My 90 Day Fitness Challenge

SkipperClan and I will be working through a health program with a couple of friends of mine. I have the benefit of immediate accountability at home and the encouragement of girlfriends to help me succeed. This is something we have been planning as a group since we found out we were moving.

One of these friends has successfully completed the program before and will be a great resource for overcoming challenges as they arise. I am looking forward to the workouts, but I believe making new recipes and tracking what I’m eating will be the hardest part for me. That is exactly why I need to do it. 

Complete Scrapbook for My Mom

One of my 2013 goals is to get more of our photos into albums, and I am excited the first one will be for my mom. I will be putting my stepdad’s photos and certificates into a one album. I will also make digital copies to share with family members. I have plenty of album supplies so this project should only take time, not money.

This week I plan to scan the rest of the photos. If the schedule allows, I would like to complete the new album as well before we see extended family next Sunday.

Blog Consistently

Writing the last couple of years has reminded me how cathartic it is to me. Despite the benefits, my blogging remained sporadic and my journaling sparse. There are opportunities I am not taking advantage of simply because of my inconsistency. To help me change this, I have been keeping better notes of my blog ideas, scheduling a few posts in advance, and contributing to another website.

In all areas of my life, I have found that consistency requires planning. This week, I printed a copy of Jolanthe’s free blog planner. I took it to OfficeMax to have it bound with some Avery tab dividers inserted into the pages. Even before I had the planner completed, I was able to blog several times this week and had a great giveaway. Thank you to everyone who stopped by this week.  

What babysteps are you taking this week to help you accomplish your goals?