Graceful {Letting Go Of Your Try-Hard Life}

Graceful by Emily P. Freeman

One of the goals I have for the blog this year is to share my thoughts with you on the books I read. What better time to kick this off than after sharing my 2013 reading list?

Last summer I was privileged to lead a group of girls from our church through the material of Sandy’s Balcony Girls material. Our Kit-Kat was approaching her sweet sixteen and we wanted to be more intentional about the values she was encouraged to live, while having down to earth discussions about the challenges her generation faces. Balcony Girls gave us the format and prompts to get a group of girls around her age engaged, talking, and encouraging each other.

Graceful {Letting Go of Your Try-Hard Life} is a beautiful partner to this program. Emily gets real about her own experiences, and those of young women who were gracious enough to share them with us as readers. These stories are incorporated into chapters such as “The Actress” and “The Judge” to help young women identify the self-talk and presumptions that are hurting themselves more than anyone else.

I bought it with the intention of reading it before my daughter so I could address any questions she had, I wasn’t prepared for how close to my own life the words hit.

"There's a reason why we long for perfection...
we were made for paradise." Genesis 1:1
"I thought having a good reputation was one of the most
important things about being a Christian."
Philippians 3:7
"The presence of Jesus in the daily minute has the potential to
cause everything we do to be supernatural....are you missing it
because you are looking for something more extraordinary?"

This time of year, with high expectations and goal lists a mile long, this is the time to remind ourselves “sometimes the most intellectual thing we can do is to be at peace with the questions, to say full and confidently, I don’t know. But I trust God anyway.”

What will you trust God with today?

All quotes from Graceful: Letting Go of the Try-Hard Life by Emily P. Freeman