Deep Breath…Dive In

Dive In Pool

That opportunity? It’s right in front of me. There are foggy details, but the big picture is clear. It is time to step forward. Inhale deeply. Picture a clean, strong entry, and dive.

When the feelings of doubt start to overwhelm and the list of needed skills feels short, I remember my daughter taking swim lessons. She took her first lesson years after most kids start. She was a homeschooled, middle school, shy girl who was asked to join the team.

We never listed all the excuses for her. We told her to focus on improving the next thing.

  • Get the form down on the first stroke
  • Make a clean entry
  • Breathe like the coach showed you
  • Just. keep. going.

You know what happened? The entire gym would raise the roof to cheer her to the finish. She learned that the biggest competitor she had was herself. Her goal was to keep improving at every meet.

One of the biggest gifts of raising children is the lessons they teach us. No excuses, no room for doubt. Time to take the next step and just. keep. going.

Have you been hesitating? Let’s dive in together this week!