Of Scales and Scrapbooks

Glory Scrapbook at SkipperClan.com

I am pretty sure I have never completed a scrapbook in such a small amount of time. I’m thrilled with the results of this first full week of January and would love to share with you a little of what I’ve been up to.

January Goals:

Complete 26 Days of My 90 Day Fitness Challenge

SkipperClan and I are working through a health program with a couple of friends of mine. I have the benefit of immediate accountability at home and the encouragement of girlfriends to help me succeed. This is something we have been planning as a group since we found out we were moving.

This week was hard work but it paid off. The number on the scale was great this morning, I only missed one workout, and I tracked all of my food this week. SkipperClanJr had a full on, junk-food-and-sugar run about Thursday night and managed to survive the changes we made. This is hard on a 17 year old teenage boy! Of course, in the long run I plan to avoid the occasional treat myself. Last night we made a pasta dish that left everyone with full bellies and big smiles. The support of SkipperClan and my friends really helped.

Complete Scrapbook for My Mom

One of my 2013 goals is to get more of our photos into albums, and I am excited the first one will be for my mom. I will be putting my stepdad’s photos and certificates into a one album. I will also make digital copies to share with family members. I have plenty of album supplies so this project should only take time, not money.

Normally scrapbooking is a long-term project for me. I kept it simple, worked on it a little each day, and finished the album Friday morning. I am thrilled with the way it turned out. Not only will my mom have a better album to keep track of his photos and certificates from his time in the Marines, but I now have a disc of everything to share with family. Can you begin to imagine what a character this man was by the look on his face?

Marine at SkipperClan

Blog Consistently

Writing the last couple of years has reminded me how cathartic it is to me. Despite the benefits, my blogging remained sporadic and my journal writing sparse. There are opportunities I am not taking advantage of simply because of my inconsistency. To help me change this, I have been keeping better notes of my blog ideas, scheduling a few posts in advance, and contributing to another website.

The blog planner has helped immensely. I shared my reading list, a book review, and my Five Minute Friday thoughts. I really think working out and eating better helped me focus for this goal. The ideas are flowing for future posts as well.

Have you ever completed a scrapbook in one week? Are you working towards the goals you set out at the beginning of the year?


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