A Few of My Favorite Bloggers

When I mentioned on Facebook that I was spending a few minutes reading some of my favorite bloggers, a friend asked me which ones. About eight hours later, the light bulb went off over my head and I realized that it would be much more lovely if I shared here. In no particular order {and not to exclude other blogs I also love but may not be currently fascinated with} here’s my go-to list of favorite bloggers.

A Few of My Favorite Bloggers

Simplifying and Organizing

Every move leaves me wanting to purge and simplify more than ever. These are my two favorite resources.

Andrea at Simple Organized Living never fails to provide great recipes, sound financial tracking forms, and a scaled-down perspective on the needs of our homes. She blogs consistently, has great weekend giveaways, and has an adorable daughter.

Jen at I {heart} Organizing brings a pop of color to my screen with every post. Whether it’s a simple organization project with Target dollar bin baskets or amazing printables to get my binders organized, she makes it fun and bright.


When it comes to reducing expenses or seeking advice for our finances, there are definitely a couple places I turn to first.

Dave Ramsey may not have a blog exactly, but I follow him and almost every other person related to his company on Twitter or Facebook. I also get the email newsletters and they are among the very, very few that I have delivered directly to my primary email account. Sound Biblical advice for handling money combined with a no-nonsense attitude has helped countless individuals achieve peace with their money. We are working through the Babysteps and just got our son his first ‘Dave Ramsey’ car, praying he never has debt.

An article on Dave Ramsey’s site is how I originally found Crystal at Money Saving Mom, so it makes sense she is my other favorite blogger for finances. Crystal is raising three children with her husband and shares discounts and freebies only slightly more than she shares about living intentionally and debt free. I love her 10 Goals for the Week and posts where readers pay cash for big ticket purchases. It was a huge thrill when one of my guest post submissions was published on her site.


Personally, I find the practical steps for living with intention inspiring. The websites already shared really do encourage me in my roles as wife, mother, and friend. However, if you are wondering who I turn to when I really want to see what the Scripture has to say to me, there are a couple sources that never let me down.

Ann Voskamp is the author of One Thousand Gifts. When I went to my first ever blog conference, the speakers switched tables for each course of the opening dinner. I had never heard of Ann at the time, but when she sat down at our table for salad, a collective sigh was let out from all the other ladies. I remember a moment of utter silence that was quickly broken by Stef Layton and the other ladies excitedly asking her questions. When Ann replied in her sweet, quiet voice, there was no doubt in my mind she’d sought the Holy Spirit before putting volume to her words. I highly recommend the book, but her blog is full of encouragement and the only one I actually like hearing the music play.

(In)courage is a blog written by a team of contributors, several of whom I have been blessed to meet face to face. It’s a home for women, single – married – divorced – young -not so young – just as you are. Just go ahead and sign up for the emails. Also, they are hosting another (in)RL Conference in April, so there is an opportunity to get to know other ladies in your area, not just online.


It is hard for me to separate marriage from faith, so let’s just say that I think it’s so important, we need double the encouragement okay?

A Biblical Marriage is another contributor site {that I just happen to be part of} so you know it’s going on this list. The authors are truly seeking to take the reader deeper into scripture and provide content to encourage marriages in the principles it teaches.

Courtney at Women Living Well speaks truth about the challenges of being a godly wife. Sure, she happens to share about parenting and cooking, but if I’m seeking a mentor grounded in God’s Word she is right there in the computer for me. Also, she is as fun and joyous in person as she is in her videos.


There are at least a thousand places to turn for parenting advice and half of it won’t work on your child (and half of that won’t work on all of your children). You can seek some encouragement whether you have boys or girls (or both).

The MOBSociety is the place to turn to when you need to talk all things boys. Mothers of Boys gather here and Brooke has a great ebook to guide you through prayers for your son.

The MODSquad is, you guessed it, for mothers of girls {daughters, you get the idea, nobody wants to be a MOGSquad member}. I highly recommend their ebook, “Hope for the Weary Mom.”

This is certainly not every blog I follow, but it’s fun to share what I’m enjoying during this season of life. I’d love to find more bloggers sharing life with teenagers. Who are your favorite bloggers?