Simple Scrapbook Gift

Baby Boy Scrapbook at SkipperClanOne of my goals for 2013 is to preserve family memories. The album I made of my stepdad’s photos and mementos put a big smile on my mom’s face this weekend. I still can’t believe I finished it in one week, even if it was a very simple album.

I was very motivated after completing that project. When I started looking for a gift for the Baptism we attended last weekend, I immediately thought of giving a simple scrapbook. Not only did I use more supplies I already had on hand, but hopefully I made it a little easier for the couple to preserve the photos from that day.

To make the album as flexible as possible, I followed a few simple steps.

  • Used coordinating paper
  • Avoided using embellishments
  • Included places for journaling throughout
  • Chose a color scheme useful for nearly any set of boy-related photos

Whether they use the album for the Baptism photos or something else, keeping the scrapbook simple gives them the most flexibility. As I mentioned, I had the supplies on hand. If you wanted to create something similar, a basic album is very affordable.

A few years ago, I could truthfully say I was caught up on preserving our photos in albums. When I consider all the reasons why that is no longer true, I think there is one primary cause and it is true in a lot of areas of my life: I over-complicate the simplest of tasks.

Is there a task you can complete this week if you just do it?