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21 Days to a More Disciplined Life

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life

This year has not started off as well as I’d envisioned, so I am even more grateful for the opportunity to focus on a few particular goals and see progress each week. Even if there is just one new habit you would like to incorporate into your life, there is no time like the present. Maybe you won’t blog your journey and focus on 3 every month, but that shouldn’t stop you from working towards the goal. If you are looking for a good place to start, I highly recommend Crystal’s book 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life.

January Goals:

Complete 26 Days of My 90 Day Fitness Challenge

SkipperClan and I are working through a health program with a couple of friends of mine. I have the benefit of immediate accountability at home and the encouragement of girlfriends to help me succeed. This is something we have been planning as a group since we found out we were moving.

The workouts this week were new and definitely a higher intensity for me. I was able to find a routine of extra stretches and walking that helped reduce the soreness and stiffness so I could keep doing each day’s workout. We are scheduled to do six every week and we did five. One of the cardio days we went to the gym on base instead of doing the dvd. Neither method is one I will stick to long term, so it was a good reminder that I’m working to get back to a place where running is my default cardio. Overall it was a good week. I feel like I have crossed the line from wondering if I’m going to work out every day to when am I going to workout today.

Complete Scrapbook for My Mom

One of my 2013 goals is to get more of our photos into albums, and I am excited the first one will be for my mom. I will be putting my stepdad’s photos and certificates into a one album. I will also make digital copies to share with family members. I have plenty of album supplies so this project should only take time, not money.

Done! Not only did I finish this project, but I completed a simple scrapbook gift too.

Blog Consistently

Writing the last couple of years has reminded me how cathartic it is to me. Despite the benefits, my blogging remained sporadic and my journal writing sparse. There are opportunities I am not taking advantage of simply because of my inconsistency. To help me change this, I have been keeping better notes of my blog ideas, scheduling a few posts in advance, and contributing to another website.

It was fun to share my Simple Scrapbook Gift, my thoughts on Worship as a Family, and Again {Psalm of a Military Wife} this week. I fell off the wagon of using my blog planner, but I know it will help during weeks I’m not as inspired. I still love that for tracking ideas that pop into my head.

We are over 21 days into the New Year now, have you formed a new {good} habit?


Connect with other bloggers at Aurie’s 3 in 30 linkup for accountability and see your New Year’s Goals become reality. 3 goals, 30 days, encouragement. “Each month (approximately each 30 days) the 3in30 Challenge starts fresh. Choose up to 3 goals you’d like to work on. Then, throughout the month there will be weekly link-ups and opportunities for daily encouragement and accountability.”
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