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February 1st.

That’s it, one-twelfth of the New Year is gone. No matter how you did in January, today is a new day! I am happy not only with the progress I made on my 3 in 30 goals for January, but with the new routine I’m using weekly to break my 2013 list down to bite size tasks. I’ve taken a list of my 2013 goals and beside them listed the action step I’m taking each week towards that goal. Stick around to see my February plans.

Calendar ~ 3 in 30 Goals at SkipperClan

January Goals:

Complete 26 Days of My 90 Day Fitness Challenge

We have done four or more workouts each week. While we have not strictly followed the food suggestions, we are definitely more mindful of what we are eating and seeing progress not just on the scale (small) but in the way clothing fits. I like working out and think we have really developed good health habits during our first full month in the new house.

Complete Scrapbook for My Mom

Done! Not only did I finish this project, but I completed a simple scrapbook gift too.

Blog Consistently

Obviously this is only the second post for this week so far, but I have truly enjoyed blogging these last few weeks. I have used this objective to push myself in other 2013 goals. For instance, I chose to read more consistently so I would have book reviews to share here. I love when one goal helps you reach another one.

3 in 30 Goals, Round 2: February

I will be continuing my workout program but it’s already become the new normal around here, so I’ll be focusing elsewhere for my 3 in 30 list.

Family Reunion

This year is my mom’s turn to plan the family reunion her siblings hold each year. I will be working with her, my sister, and extended family to get the details arranged for this summer’s gathering.

Spring Break

SkipperClanJr is a senior in high school and his baby sister is only a year behind him. We would like to make plans for an enjoyable spring break this year and create memories the kids will take with them. There are work and financial challenges we will need to overcome in order to make this happen.


I want to improve my skills in using my lovely new camera and this is going to take intentional planning. I have a photo challenge to help get the creative juices flowing and about one hundred pins to tutorials saved on Pinterest. Time to start using them.

What are your February goals for the 3 in 30 challenge? How are your New Year’s resolutions looking today?


Connect with other bloggers at Aurie’s 3 in 30 linkup for accountability and see your New Year’s Goals become reality. 3 goals, 30 days, encouragement. “Each month (approximately each 30 days) the 3in30 Challenge starts fresh. Choose up to 3 goals you’d like to work on. Then, throughout the month there will be weekly link-ups and opportunities for daily encouragement and accountability.”
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