Blog at Home Mom: Balancing Blogging and Motherhood

One of the reasons I love setting goals is the focus it brings to my life. When I write them down and determine short term milestones, I am much more likely to achieve those goals. I believe that part of that success is because I am simply more likely to recognize opportunities to help me succeed.

Since I love to read, that help often comes in the form of a book.

Blog at Home Mom

Two of my 2013 goals are to blog consistently and to read 50 books. When Christin announced she was launching her e-book to raise money for adoption, I knew I wanted to be a part of the process. Christin blogs at and offers virtual assisting and blog consulting at I met Christin in 2010 at the conference that is now known as Allume.

This book is written towards mothers, particularly of younger children, who are working to find a balance between writing and mothering. The eight chapters are short and to the point, something helpful to just about every woman in America these days. They cover:

  1. Set Goals and Have a Plan
  2. Organize Your Days
  3. Prioritize Your Tasks
  4. The Power of a Schedule
  5. Stay Consistent to Keep Balance
  6. Make the Most of Your Time
  7. Care for Your Marriage
  8. Care for Your Spiritual Walk

Things I Loved

Christin recognizes the importance of a woman’s spiritual walk, marriage health, and her dreams. She writes with the belief that spending time on the things God has put in your heart {writing, for example} will actually help you in the other areas of your life. I love this abundance mentality and believe this is a big dose of what we need as women. No one needs to be a victim or a martyr, she needs to just be what God has called her to in the season she’s in.

I’ve learned that living in your passion WHILE mothering
is the best of both worlds. I’ve also learned God gives
us passions for a reason.

She gives practical suggestions for your schedule, overcoming obstacles, and changing your mindset. Those help your life overall, but she also address some of the nuts and bolts of blogging. She shares how you can plan for technical work on your blog, managing time with social media tools, and options for writing time blocks.

If I want to add/remove buttons or work on other
technical aspects, I jot down tasks as they come
up and do them all at once each week.

Things I Would Love to See

One of the challenges we face in this media-rich society is the blur between work and home. It can be hard to unplug and truly focus on the person in front of us. Because the areas of our lives are so entwined, it is difficult to address one {mothering} without addressing another {marriage.} I found these topics overlapped more within the chapters than I would have liked. More distinct topics help me apply what I’m reading to my day.

Christin has a wealth of experience, from homeschooling her children to working as administrative support to the Allume conference. I found the book had great suggestions like scheduling time for the technical side of blogging separately of writing. I expected to see more of that and hope she will consider it for the future.

Christin’s message is this above all else: when we are considering how to fulfill all the roles God has called us to, moms have to get the heart right first and foremost.

Maybe your passion isn’t writing, I believe the strategies Christin shares are helpful no matter what your dream involves. Maybe you don’t have children yet {or they’ve left the nest}, her encouragement will still apply to your heart.

You can read more about Blog at Home Mom and purchase your copy here! This book is priced great and for a beautiful cause. 

I received a complimentary copy to review, however, I only promote products that I love and use, products that I know you’ll like, and products that will help you. All reviews are my own words and my own opinions.