Focus on Photography

My focus {punny} was definitely on my photography goal this week. I am thrilled to say we also kept up with our workouts and I managed to continue blogging consistently. I would love for you to take a moment to check out my review of Christin Slade’s new eBook. Not only do I recommend it, but all the proceeds go towards their adoption expenses of their little girls from Ghana.

Family Reunion

This year is my mom’s turn to plan the family reunion her siblings hold each year. I will be working with her, my sister, and extended family to get the details arranged for this summer’s gathering.

I saw my mom for a few hours last weekend and we discussed a few options. Haven’t really made much progress with this goal yet.

Spring Break

SkipperClanJr is a senior in high school and his baby sister is only a year behind him. We would like to make plans for an enjoyable spring break this year and create memories the kids will take with them. There are work and financial challenges we will need to overcome in order to make this happen.

Again, not much progress here. To be honest, I was waiting to hear about some news all week before I would know more about our schedule. Spring break might end up being more of a staycation this year. Have any suggestions? {Remember, these are teenagers we’re talking about here}


I want to improve my skills in using my lovely new camera and this is going to take intentional planning. I have a photo challenge to help get the creative juices flowing and about one hundred pins to tutorials saved on Pinterest. Time to start using them.

This was definitely my focus this week. I had a fabulous time this week when I took an afternoon to experiment with my camera. I played with manual focus and a little bit with aperture priority setting. It was one time where a tablet with built in internet service would have been pretty handy. I felt like I needed some of the great tutorials I’ve saved on Pinterest right there by my side. Click over to this post to see my favorites shots.

Got Fudge at SkipperClan

We have some big changes coming this week, so I’m planning on some bulk cooking and meal planning over the weekend. What are you up to?


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