One More Thing


I mentioned big changes last week and {in case you didn’t notice by the sound of crickets here} I was definitely busy adjusting to our new schedule. Moving twice in 20 months {no matter how good the reasons are} is hard on a home based business. I am so grateful I have loyal customers and no territory restrictions. I am blessed to have a profit margin that allows me to absorb shipping costs for my customers so they can shop with free shipping anytime.

That doesn’t change the fact that I need to build my clientele in our new area. This is a wonderful process because it helps me get to know people and the community. It’s relationship building, not just sales. I love that but it requires one critical ingredient.


Time to build trust and rapport. It means more inconsistency for my business which means inconsistency in our income. For this season, we decided it was time to add another job for me to help offset those challenges. My experience in team building, business financial management, and administration are being put to use in this new job. I’m getting to know the community and new people.

I hope to find a balance quickly so that in the course of a month I’m able to complete my 3 in 30 goals, move forward on my 2013 dreams, and stay the course towards financial freedom. I am grateful to have found work in what seems to be a short amount of time. I am grateful to be able to work so closely to SkipperClan so we can grab lunch together.

I will miss being able to do my workouts late morning and blog in the quiet house after everyone has left for the day. I believe this is the best decision for our family at this time and appreciate your prayers as we adjust to the new demands.

Now you will understand why I have little to report on my 3 in 30 goals this week.

Family Reunion

This year is my mom’s turn to plan the family reunion her siblings hold each year. I will be working with her, my sister, and extended family to get the details arranged for this summer’s gathering.

I am tempted to scratch this goal for February. My mom is the true hostess for this year and I think she will be making more of the plans than we originally thought.

Spring Break

SkipperClanJr is a senior in high school and his baby sister is only a year behind him. We would like to make plans for an enjoyable spring break this year and create memories the kids will take with them. There are work and financial challenges we will need to overcome in order to make this happen.

Obviously starting a new job impacts our options. This means I need to shift from planning a week to just a weekend trip.


I want to improve my skills in using my lovely new camera and this is going to take intentional planning. I have a photo challenge to help get the creative juices flowing and about one hundred pins to tutorials saved on Pinterest. Time to start using them.

I did nothing on this goal until Saturday, but it was worth it. My favorite shot for the week is at the top of this page. Can you guess what is pictured?

What are your best tips for parents working outside the home?

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