He’s Going to College Soon…

Saturday in our neck of the woods means heavy downpours, reading under a blanket, and brisket in the crockpot. We had another full week including our first tour of a college campus for SkipperClanJr this week.

I do not understand how it’s possible I have a child about to enter college.

I managed to focus on the events of the tour without turning into a sentimental, sobbing mess. He agreed at the outset that he’d rather I be “embarrasing” to him by taking photos than to have me cranky from disappointment. Have I mentioned he’s a pretty good kid?

Pattern at SkipperClan

Now for my weekly 3 in 30 update…

Family Reunion

This year is my mom’s turn to plan the family reunion her siblings hold each year. I will be working with her, my sister, and extended family to get the details arranged for this summer’s gathering.

My mom and sister will be planning the reunion now, but everyone did agree to move it to a location closer to my mom for this year. That means less travel for us this summer which will help with the budget.

GardenFlower at SkipperClan

Spring Break

SkipperClanJr is a senior in high school and his baby sister is only a year behind him. We would like to make plans for an enjoyable spring break this year and create memories the kids will take with them. There are work and financial challenges we will need to overcome in order to make this happen.

One of the great things about moving means we are closer to the beach. One of the bad things is that we are closer to the beach. It seems like everything is four times as expensive during Spring Break because of it. I’ve spent hours researching options and so far I have not found a good option. I will continue to work on this goal in the coming week.

Gazebo at SkipperClan


I want to improve my skills in using my lovely new camera and this is going to take intentional planning. I have a photo challenge to help get the creative juices flowing and about one hundred pins to tutorials saved on Pinterest. Time to start using them.

One of the advantages to carrying my camera more often is that I am finding more tricks to make it easier to pull it out for an impromptu photo. I am really drawn to textures and patterns. I had lots of compliments on the photo in last week’s post, and even requests that I *not* tell what it was a photo of…the mystery is part of the appeal. I agree. What do you think of this week’s favorites?

What is your most memorable vacation?

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