From Winter to Spring

I am not sure what it was about Thursday…all I know is that it feels like I finally turned a corner. In the last three months, we moved across the country and I added work outside the home for the first time in five years. Add that to SkipperClan pursuing his master’s degree, my amazing home business, the kids sports and Scouts, and SkipperClanJr being a senior in high school. I think that is more than enough for one woman to handle.

Sometimes you just have to accept that something will move down the priority list.

Not only can I not do it all, I don’t think I should. Have you seen the little meme floating around Pinterest that says, if you’re too busy to spend time with God, you are busier than God ever intended for you to be? Sometimes busy comes from life crisis like a death in the family, but it lingers if we allow it.

Time is the resource most equally distributed among us, how should I use mine?

As I stop for a breath to see where I spent my February, I look forward to the first days of Spring coming in March.

February’s Final 3 in 30 update…

Family Reunion

This year is my mom’s turn to plan the family reunion her siblings hold each year. I will be working with her, my sister, and extended family to get the details arranged for this summer’s gathering.

My mom and sister will be planning the reunion now, but it looks like we might be getting together for a big weekend on Mother’s Day.

Spring Break

SkipperClanJr is a senior in high school and his baby sister is only a year behind him. We would like to make plans for an enjoyable spring break this year and create memories the kids will take with them. There are work and financial challenges we will need to overcome in order to make this happen.

I am so excited that I accomplished this goal! I found a little duplex for us to rent for a weekend when spring break starts. We’ll be able to walk to the beach. It was really inexpensive. I can almost feel the warm sand between my toes. Now, to pray for beautiful weather that weekend.

Spring Break at SkipperClan


I want to improve my skills in using my lovely new camera and this is going to take intentional planning. I have a photo challenge to help get the creative juices flowing and about one hundred pins to tutorials saved on Pinterest. Time to start using them.

This week had zero photography involved but I definitely worked on the goal throughout the month. My photos may never win awards or warrant a business, but the time I spend with the lens blesses my family and is like therapy to my soul. I hesitated to call myself creative nearly my whole life, this has shown me how wrong I was.

March 3 in 30 goals…

Healthy Habit Weekly

I did great with my fitness challenge for the first 6 weeks of the 90 days…then I started working and…well, I need a reboot to say the least. I want to focus on one specific habit each week, getting back into the healthy routine we were living.

My focus the first full week of March will be meal planning. The more I plan ahead for meals and snacks, the healthier I can eat whether I am at home or work.

Read and Write Weekly

This will be similar to my January goal of blogging 2-3 times per week but I want it to go beyond that. Yes, I’d like to get back in the routine with blogging. This goal is more about bringing words into my daily life after the change to my schedule. Reading some of the 20 books on my 2013 list and writing in journals will also count towards the goal.

I began incorporating my devotional time to my lunch break this week {for days I have to get up at 5 just to be at work on time}. I’ve also tried to read at least 15 minutes per day, borrowing from Crystal’s advice.

Office Systems

I plan to purge some files, update our household & finance binders, and finish organizing the space. I was really inspired by some of the photos over at Sam’s Noggin. {We even have the same inbox} This might be the extent of the Spring Cleaning I do this year, too.

It’s fun to say I have already accomplished something towards this goal, I just assembled a new desk chair today that I think will be much better for my back. Why have a great space if you don’t actually use it?

What are you looking forward to about Spring?

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