Marriage Mondays {Welcome}


I joked tonight {with a tweet} that I love both all of my email subscribers. I’m working on the background stuff to help give you a free ebook later this week and in the process found the list of current subscribers.

The truth is that anyone who chooses to take a few minutes of the 24 hours allotted to them on any given day reading these words, deserves some of my attention.

I write for my own therapy and I write because I don’t know how to not write. I missed the consistency in February which I’d achieved the prior month. This weekend I took some time to really pray and consider what was on my heart for this little corner of the www.

What is the point of blogging 2-3 times each week if I’m not seeking God’s direction?

Then he laid it down for me. The ink would not flow from my pen as fast as the ideas were coming to me. He cooked up a recipe for me and I’m going to follow it to the best of my ability. I believe there will be adjustments to the plan for the blog just like there is when you realize you have run out of a spice.

This is what brings me to Marriage Mondays.

Our marriage is far from perfect. Just the thought of blogging about it makes me think I’m opening it up to attack from the enemy. The harsh reality is that I have far fewer friends who are living confidently in their marriages than those who are struggling. Our experience won’t help everyone. That is part of why I was so excited to partner with the contributors at A Biblical Marriage. It is a great resource with a variety of perspectives.

But I can no longer ignore the tugging on my heart to share our story. I don’t know exactly what this will look like, I just pray it is an encouragement. I want to share little things we do that stop arguments before they start. I want to share stories about how we overcame disagreements when there seemed to be no middle ground. I want to tell you romantic things SkipperClan does for me. I do not want to spend time complaining or belittling anyone, least of all my own husband.

So I will add a disclaimer right here, right now: my husband is not perfect but I will never share something negative about him without his permission.

If you see me do it, comment – email – call – send a messenger pigeon, whatever it takes. Let’s encourage each other and let’s ask the hard questions. For now, here are some previous posts you might enjoy.

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What topics would you like to see in the series?