Getting Enough Sleep

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Did you know we are all working women? Whether you are married without children, work a 9 to 5, or stay at home with your children…the challenges are more similar than different.

We each have twenty-four hours a day and a multitude of responsibilities to manage within it.

Adding a full time job to our already busy schedules has certainly been challenging, but I have quickly realized the solution comes from the same formula I have used for years.

Time to prioritize…

What is most important to myself and my family in our current season? Honestly, the big things never change: my faith, my family, everything else. It’s the everything else that is where we the word balance comes into play. I want to workout, write, work, spend time with friends, watch tv, read, etc.

Rest at SkipperClan

I have to start with rest…

You know the instructions you receive on an airplane: in case of emergency, put the oxygen mask on yourself before others, even small children. I have been reminded in the last couple of weeks, that my ‘oxygen’ is sleep. I do best on about 8.5 hours a night. Granted, that happens less than I would like, but it is truly my ideal amount. Yours might be 9 or 7, but I doubt the ideal amount is less than that. I’m talking about the amount that you absolutely must have at least 1-2 times per week to be healthy.

Yes, I can survive on less. But I don’t feel like I’m living.

There are a few signs in my life I’ve begun to recognize and heed. I need more sleep when my emotions are in control instead of me. If I have to wake up by my alarm more than three days in a row, I’m not getting to bed early enough. {With a fairly routine schedule, your alarm should be a backup to your natural sleep rythms.} If I find myself saying, “just one more thing before I go to bed,” then I know I’m not heeding my body’s warnings.


There are certainly seasons where this is more difficult than others, especially with newborns. {Andrea has some great posts like this one} That is a relatively short season in the span of your entire life. Even then, I challenge you to ask a friend to care for your child and get a few hours of solid, uniterrupted sleep. The benefits are worth far more than the sacrifice of anything left undone. I am able to think more clearly, respond with more grace…fully live.

What is your ideal amount of sleep?