Home {Where My Heart Is}

18 years, 11 months, 13 days ago: he said good-bye to his home. He held up his hand, swore an oath, and left for Texas. They shaved his head, gave him a schedule, and started directing his work.

We both thought we would live this military life for about four years, then decide what would come next.

What came next was a chubby baby boy, a petite little girl, and the need for the consistent benefits of a military paycheck…even if that paycheck was so small we were eligible for food stamps and WIC.

Kids at Park

When the next re-enlistment date drew near, we were tired of the separations and unknowns, but through prayer and opportunities, made the commitment to a full twenty years of service and a plan for retirement.

Eight years later, October came and surprisingly we were able to move back home {close enough anyway} and still be in this family we call the Air Force.

Home has been Oklahoma, South Korea, Italy, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Georgia….and the sandy soil of Florida we left at the same time. As we think toward the future and make decisions related to second careers before we have even seen 40 on our birthday cakes, I can’t help but think…home will always be wherever he is.

How can you be home with your loved ones this weekend?