An Unexpected Blessing In A Busy Week

Everything didn’t go according to plan this week, but sometimes that’s a good thing. Thursday was KitKat’s first tennis match and I did not expect to be able to leave work to attend. However, when my boss found out what was going on, he quickly sent me out the door saying, “They’re only kids once!” I don’t plan to take off for every single game, but it’s great knowing your boss understands your priorities. Isn’t she adorable?

Tennis Girl at SkipperClan

March 3 in 30 goals…

Healthy Habit Weekly

I did great with my fitness challenge for the first 6 weeks of the 90 days…then I started working and…well, I need a reboot to say the least. I want to focus on one specific habit each week, getting back into the healthy routine we were living.

My goal for this week was meal planning and I have to say: fail. I did choose healthier options for my meals more often this week but we did not stick to the meal plan at all. Today is Saturday and I have plans for the weekend’s meals. This coming week’s healthy goal is to workout at least three times. {I was doing 5-6 per week for the first six weeks of this year.}

Read and Write Weekly

This will be similar to my January goal of blogging 2-3 times per week but I want it to go beyond that. Yes, I’d like to get back in the routine with blogging. This goal is more about bringing words into my daily life after the change to my schedule. Reading some of the 20 books on my 2013 list and writing in journals will also count towards the goal.

I finished reading The Duck Commander Family this week and made progress in Thou Shall Prosper. I also finished a new eBook which I’ll be offering free for my email subscribers in the coming week. I have also been reading through Galatians verse-by-verse during my devotional time. This week even held a few blog posts.

Office Systems

I plan to purge some files, update our household & finance binders, and finish organizing the space. I was really inspired by some of the photos over at Sam’s Noggin. {We even have the same inbox} This might be the extent of the Spring Cleaning I do this year, too.

SkipperClan is wrapping up the last few days of the current quarter for his Master’s degree and we share an office in this house. I have tried to give him solitude to focus, so I did not make a lot of progress in the actual room. However, I tackled several to-do items involving paper that have been lingering for weeks. When my man starts his three week break, I’m hoping he’ll tackle a few of my honey-do items to help complete this project in March.

What is on your menu this weekend?

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