Fall {The Back to School Day On My Heart}

Lisa Jo gives us this prompt every week with five minutes,
then says, GO.

Today she says to me…fall.

And it’s like she knows that I just Skyped with our oldest who finished three days of college campus orientation. That she knows this mama’s heart is all caught up in the changes, and challenges, and conversations like, “Hey mom, I signed up for a course called Vampire History.”

For real.

Fist Day of College at SkipperClan

Part of me can’t stop thinking about all the choices he has to make over the next few months. Job applications, interviews, change of address forms (this time without us and not as a result of a set of military orders). Part of me wants to get all caught up in the worry and the mothering and the fear.

But I keep thinking about how exciting it all is.

He’s managed to drive himself to college and make new friends and register for courses. He even thought to make his classes all land on Mon-Wed-Fri so he has time for something besides classes.

Fall is coming. This will be the ultimate first day of school. Not the one with the baby-tooth grin and a backpack way too big for Kingergarten needs. Not the first day of middle school with shoulder straps designed to channel headphones. Not the first day of school when he was capable of driving himself.

This Fall holds the first day of school where I will replay the same questions in my mind that I did on all the others, but I can only hope he decides to call me and tell me all about it that evening. Icing on the cake if it’s Skype.