Weekly Goal Progress: Paper Clutter & Menu Planning

One of the main tools I use for keeping track of my time, goals, and demands is my Erin Condren Life Planner. I’ve used them for two years now and this week I ordered my third one. They keep getting better and better, and I promise they are worth every penny {if you actually use it!} I’ll be sharing another review when mine arrives, but just a tip:

It was less expensive for me to choose FedEx shipping direct to my work address than to my home. I’m not sure if anyone’s considered this before, but I’ll be checking this from now on when shopping online. If you work from home you might see if shipping items to your spouse’s work location will work for you. Now, for the update!

June 3 in 30 Goals…

Purge Files

  • Go through each file in my desk, shredding unnecessary paper
  • Clear my inbox {I’ve maintained this in week 1 too!}
  • Complete data entry for business records for year-to-date

I already told you I emptied my inbox, but I’ve actually maintained it this week too! I’ll be working on the business data entry this coming week.

Put My Business through Boot Camp

  • Complete the online training available to new consultants
  • Facial 30 women
  • Update customers enrolled in special programs like Mascara Club
  • Attend all local events in June {so far so good!}

My director thought this was a great idea so we actually have an accountability group tackling several specific goals this month, kickoff is tomorrow night.

Plan Meals

  • Plan meals for at least two days in advance
  • Plan meals for the week by end of month
  • Adhere to dining out budget by using cash envelopes

We ditched all plans one night this week and went to Chick Fil A, but other than that we had what was planned and saved quite a bit of money compared to recent weeks. I’m slowly learning where I can find the types of items I’m seeking in our local stores and commissary. My goal for Sunday is to plan the menu for our entire week instead of just two days at a time. 

Can you list three meals your family eats over and over?

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