Erin Condren Should Just Call The Life Planner a Life Line

The number one question I get in this digital age is: Why do you carry a paper calendar?


The next question I get is: Why is your planner so important to you?

Skipperclan and Kids

I get it, a lot of people set reminders on their phone and that is how they go about their daily lives. Depending on the demands you have, that may work great. To me there is a huge difference between reminders and planning ahead. I need to see the big picture or I’ll be running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. That’s just not a good look for me.

Every week I am juggling my traditional job, my home business, school schedules, family events, personal goals, housekeeping, meal planning, shopping, and occasionally some fun!

I don’t know how to keep track of my life without a plan. It doesn’t mean the planning has to be boring though…


This is how the package comes from with the Life Planner. Since a happy dance is definitely celebration, I did as I was told upon its arrival.


Do you unwrap your gifts carefully or rip right in? I’ll let you guess what I did…

2013LifePlannerSkipperClan3I absolutely adore Pilot’s G2 gel pens with a fine point, but this year I’m giving these a try.

2013LifePlannerSkipperClan4I prefer to get the notepads too since they serve well as stationary or to-do list paper.


Finally, my customized color scheme, Dahlia planner! I almost had my phone number printed beside my name because I would want it returned so badly if I ever lost it.

2013LifePlannerSkipperClan8This year there are lines at the bottom of each page for whatever you like; I’ll be tracking meal plans and business mileage here.

2013LifePlannerSkipperClan11The year-at-a-glance and birthdays & anniversaries schedule is still in the front.

2013LifePlannerSkipperClan7Laminated tabs of course…but this year there are tabs for all the sections, not just months!


2013LifePlannerSkipperClan13The pocket in the back is double sided again (hooray!) and the weekly view has one list for goals and to-do’s ~ much simpler. The planner comes with an assortment of labels which I love to place on gifts or packages I mail to customers. You also get the removable ruler/page marker with the planner.



Finally, you can now add customized stickers to your order! Everyone gets some basics like  hair and doctor appointment, vacation, and party. I added some for my home business, day trips, and specific school events like Kit-Kat’s graduation.

I also ordered the 18 month calendar option this year since I found it frustrating not to have the entire summer available in my 12 month planner when school was winding down.

So there you have it! My 2013/2014 Erin Condren Life Planner! Next week I’ll be sharing some photos from friends who have also fallen in love with these planners and may even do a video for you on how I use it.

Would you like to see my planning in action in a video?







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