3 Books I’m Reading in July

Since one of my goals this month is to read three more books from my 2013 list, I thought it was a great time to update my progress for the year. To be honest, there were several from the list I didn’t enjoy, so I haven’t shared as many reviews as I hoped. I also finished several books that weren’t originally on the list.

I love getting free books on Kindle, but often they end up keeping me from reading quality books I already have on hand.

Here are 3 books I’m reading in July:

  • Living A Rich Life
  • Boundaries with Teens
  • His Needs, Her Needs

These three will cover business & finance, parenting, and marriage.


  1. What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend
  2. Thou Shall Prosper
  3. 48 Days to the Work You Love
  4. Living a Rich Life
  5. Crazy Love
  6. Blue Like Jazz
  7. Boundaries with Teens
  8. Girl Meets God
  9. How Full Is Your Bucket
  10. Living Beyond The Limits
  11. The Duck Commander Family: How Faith, Family, and Ducks Built a Dynasty
  12. His Needs, Her Needs
  13. The Spirit-Controlled Woman
  14. Seasons of a Mother’s Heart
  15. The “Do What You Can” Plan
  16. A Year of Biblical Womanhood
  17. Unglued
  18. You Are a Writer
  19. Platform
  20. Extraordinary Patriots of the United States of America

What are you reading right now?

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