August Goals

Every month I look at my annual goals, choose three to focus on, and get to work.

Ok, so maybe I don’t get to work every month. July was certainly one of those months! I knew I would be traveling and thought I’d chosen simple goals to match my schedule. In the end, the demands of my day job exceeded my expectations and I overestimated the time I had available for reading. I had an amazing month though and wouldn’t change a thing. Recognition, travel, girlfriend time, and a celebration of our Eagle Scout! I plan to share some of our stories in the coming weeks.


The new month is here now and the opportunity to reset my goals has arrived with it.

August Goals

Family Fun

This might be as simple as a daytrip to the local amusement park or as complex as a Labor Day Weekend getaway, but I’d like to see our little family have one more memorable adventure before summer’s unofficial end on September 2.

Hard Work

There are four categories of a quarterly challenge for me to complete for my business. There are a variety of business activities I’ll be tracking including number of appointments, types of products delivered, and team member goals. I am working to complete all four, but two is the absolute minimum.

Financial Planning

With our oldest beginning college and only our daughter at home for her Senior Year, we’ve had several major changes to our expenses. Combine those changes with our goal to have SkipperClan retire from the Air Force around the end of 2014 and we have several financial matters to review. We’ll be updating our budget and scheduling some classes available to us for retirement planning.

Are you setting big goals for the month or just trying to fit a little more fun into summer?

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