What I Do When I’m Afraid to Fly

Two weeks ago, I was packing for a flight to Dallas and my stomach started churning. I wasn’t concerned about the safety of the plane but I was feeling nervous. SkipperClan would probably tell you that I don’t like traveling by air because I have to give up control. I cannot deny that completely, but I think the nerves come from the travel itself.

I love to travel, but I really dislike flying.

What I do when I'm afriad to fly

It begins when I have to schedule a flight. I live a couple of hours from a major airport, so I have to consider the flight, schedule, and departing city when purchasing my ticket. Next, I have to figure out what can be carried on board when packing my bags. When travel day arrives, I have to deal with the drive to the airport, security checkpoints, and delayed flights. The flight, no matter how smooth, means pressure changes for my ears and uncomfortable seats.

But when I arrive at the destination…

…all the discomfort, waiting, and long lines seem to fade quickly in my memory. I catch up with longtime friends and make new ones.

Mary Kay Friends at SkipperClan

I get to applaud those around me who have achieved great success in their businesses.

Award Winner at SkipperClan

I am filled with excitement over new challenges and products.

New Director Ring at SkipperClan

To enjoy the excitement and reward, I have to step out and take the journey. When I step foot on that plane {no matter how nervous I am on the inside}, I am taking a step towards my future. Each time I face a fear to work towards my goals, I convince my subconscious that my dreams are possible.

This is what I do when I’m afraid to fly:  focus on what is waiting for me when I step out to soar.


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