She is 17

She will be 17 this weekend…  


Those bright blue eyes, the contagious giggle, and the determination of a thousand warriors. She has never backed down from a decision once she made it, but don’t you dare try to make that decision for her.

Skipperclan and Kids

She decides what things will happen and when. Through the years, she taught me patience. It isn’t always easy being her mama. I’m not sure how we survived that year of homeschooling Kindergarten without at least one of us getting a concussion – you’ve never seen two girls put their heads against each other like we did those 9 months. She determined nearly everything, from potty training to giving up biting her fingernails.

Kids at Park

She has taught me more than anyone else about compassion. After five years of happiness in Pennsylvania, we uprooted her life and took her across the continent. She went from doing school in her pj’s with virtual teachers, to a public high school of over 1400.

And do you know what the first comment was from a teacher? “Your daughter has the sweetest spirit, she spent her lunch with one of the girls whose special needs often left her alone with her sandwich.”

17 years. I felt the weight of those 7 pounds, 20+ inches that September afternoon…the weight of teaching her all that God would want her to be.

Newborn at SkipperClan

As we celebrate her life this weekend, I realize she was placed in my life to teach me instead. Patience, true beauty, compassion, humility, faith, hope. Thank you for teaching us the fruit of the Spirit sweet girl. We love you.

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