Life: Simplified, An Introduction to My New Year

I am quickly approaching my one year anniversary of being back in the traditional working world full time. Meanwhile, I’ve been simultaneously juggling everything I was doing full time before: my home business, my family, our home, volunteer work.

Of course there have been some changes, but most of them happened as a result of feeling like I was in survival mode. It’s time to change that and live intentionally again.

Life Simplified at SkipperClan.comDuring the fall of 2013, I took a break from blogging. I simply could not meet all the expectations I set for myself and blogging got pushed to the back burner. To be honest, it wasn’t even on the stove top. If you were following the blog, that is not news to you. What you can’t see from the www is how many other things I quit doing as well. I went through a season where I tried to genuinely evaluate where, and with whom, I spent my time.

Just as I was starting to feel sane again, I was given an opportunity to preview Crystal Paine’s upcoming book: Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. Almost simultaneously, a writing group I’m a part of began discussing the need to simplify our lives for the purpose of living more intentionally. God’s timing and encouragement are perfect.

So, here I am. It’s December 30th and I’m coming to you to say that what I have planned for 2014 is more than resolutions and more than just goals. It’s going to be a journey of finding the areas of my life to simplify so contentment is the emotion overriding all others.

I’ll be sharing my experiences as I work through the topics of Crystal’s book such as managing our home and our money. I’ll be sharing how I use Pinterest ideas to reduce clutter. I’ll be sharing meals that work for us in our busy, busy schedules. I’ll be sharing with you how I work my home based business. Finally, I’ll be sharing how taking these steps encourages us to have our family fun and build relationships with others.

I won’t even make a promise right now as to whether or not these posts will be weekly, monthly, or completely random. I hope you will use the little box on the top right to subscribe via email so you can keep up with the SkipperClan throughout 2014. You can also follow me on Pinterest. Our little writing group has created a board where you can see not only my journey towards simplification, but all of us on the journey. {Update: you can now participate on our Pinterest board and follow our adventures on any social media platform using #lifesimplified…see you soon!}

May your New Year be Happy and Blessed!

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