The Final Report: 2013 Believe Year Goals and Reading Goal Update

2013, not surprisingly, did not really turn out as I expected. When I set these goals, I thought I was going to be working from home with a very flexible schedule. I thought moving back to the South would mean it would be easy to find a new church home. Unmet and unexpected, isn’t that the way goals turn out sometimes? It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t set them. I believe we learn even more in the failures.

Despite the fact that very few of my original goals are crossed off as the year ends tonight, I am more content right now than if I’d completed them all. I truly grew emotionally this year and believe I truly have a greater understanding of true peace.

That joy and peace can only come from my personal relationship with Christ, so if you are looking for peace that seems to be eluding you this New Year I’d love to hear from you.


These were my 20 Goals for 2013



  • Increase average monthly income {specific target set}
  • Payoff two debts


  • Complete 90 day fitness challenge with friends
  • Reach goal weight {90 day challenge goal set}


  • Increase my business targets by 13%
  • Increase workload to reach financial monthly target
  • Complete 3 educational trainings {corporate events, online training, etc}

Personal Growth

  • Read 50 books
  • Blog consistently {2-3 times per week}
  • Attend Allume Attend a Blog Conference {Looking for something more technical}
  • Learn to shoot in manual mode with my new DSLR {yay!}


  • Plan our 20th Anniversary trip
  • Preserve more of our family photos in albums
  • Visit with our extended family at least once per month
  • Attend extended family reunions this summer
  • Plan four adventures for our family of four {camping, etc}

I also made plans to read a specific set of books. Other than three books, I read them all or decided they were not what I needed. I am perfectly fine with putting a book aside if it’s not enjoyable or not what I expected. I am not going to read a book just for the sake of reading it. I’ve already made a list of 36 books for 2014 and will share more in the coming week.

If you missed yesterday’s big announcement, check out the info and link up opportunities here. Come back in the morning for a special post as we celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.

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