20 Ways My Life is Better After 20 Years of Marriage

SkipperClan Celebrating 20 Years

1. He convinced me Tex-Mex is a very good thing. Especially guacamole. Mmmmmm.
2. He gave me two smart, beautiful, compassionate children. The world is a better place.
3. He took me around the world including – my dream trip to see Paris, France.
4. He showed me crazy things like rock climbing are the very tools you can use to push past your fears.
5. He cared for my soul while my body healed from debilitating back pain.
6. He taught me it is not only acceptable to say no sometimes, it’s what makes life healthy.
7. He sacrificed time and money to give me what I wanted countless times.
8. He believed in my dreams as if they were his own.
9. He forgave me when I didn’t even ask for it.
10. He convinced me I could become a runner, and I can’t wait to get back to it.
11. I rode a motorcycle to the Pacific Ocean and to the Gulf of Mexico…just not in one trip.
12. I learned being patient is for my benefit more than others.
13. I regained my ability to trust others through his faithfulness.
14. I discovered amazing shops, towns, views, and people because of his spontaneity.
15. I depended on God’s strength to not only survive deployments, but to thrive in them.
16. I understood that it’s the every-days that make life great, not just holidays.
17. I believed we could be more together than we could ever be alone.
18. I wanted more for him and our children than I wanted for myself.
19. I realized there are even greater adventures to come.
20. We chose commitment when everything in our human nature wanted our own way.

Happy 20th Anniversary my Love!

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