Finding Harmony, Forgetting Balance

Sometimes when you share your words with others, God uses them to work things out in your own life. Just as I shared last week, I have been prioritizing my time to use it until the hours are I am spent.

God first.
Family second.
Career third.

The balance we are looking for isn’t really going to happen, a speaker I heard this weekend said harmony is a better word. I couldn’t agree more. My priorities do not change, but on a daily or weekly basis, the places I spend my time will.

So last week I attended a fabulous conference in New Orleans for my business. It’s designed to motivate and help me move forward into a position of Leadership. My spirit was filled by the women living faith-filled lives who poured their belief into my heart. Four solid days where it looked to the outside world that my priorities were taken over by career.

Amanda Brown at Mary Kay


Mulates New Orleans at SkipperClan

On the way home, our extended family gathered for a couple of days centered around my niece’s gymnastics meet. We are all extremely proud of her and the hard work she dedicates to her sport. After living so far away for years, it was truly enjoyable to focus on being with family for such an event. I get to see the college kid on these trips too, which is great for a Mama’s heart. A couple more days where balance looked like it had gone out the window and all my time was spent on family.




Woven throughout the last week, I deepened my friendship with someone and we have committed to being prayer partners. In fact, we stopped right there in the middle of a Starbucks Convention Center location to ask God to make us obedient to Him and a blessing to others. Leaders taught me how they manage their lives and businesses by the framework Scripture provides. I read on my own a little more from James who reminded me of the power of our speech. Sprinkled throughout each day, it may have looked as though I hadn’t made my faith a priority.

So as much as I wanted to share, blogging didn’t fit this last week. The weekend projects went undone and my laundry isn’t finished. There is paperwork waiting for me and we had breakfast for dinner.

But my heart is full of contentment and I was exactly where I was meant to be each day. Harmony. This is a big part of what the Life: Simplified Project is all about: making my choices match my goals for life. How was your week?

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